We take a distinctive look

SiSSWA is able to relieve your company from the duty to test, analyse and certify your swimming pools, sport-, play-, and wellness facilities.

We also are able to investigate questions of environmental issues on expert level.
In todays leisure society the safety of leisure installations requires bears the same responsibility as the approved safety of our cars!
Our institute offers consultancy and risk assessment already during planning of your new facility, offers expert opinions and support for assessing and commissioning existing facilities or installation of equipment.

From Risk assessment to expert opinion we offer everything out of one hand.

Our leading experts

Helmut Ständer CEO

Helmut Ständer

Founder of SiSSWA Institute for certification
CEO of SiSSWA GmbH (Wuppertal, Germany)

Comprehensive experience

1. Publicly nominated by the chamber of commerce as expert for building and operating swimming pools
2. Author of handbook for swimming pools (ISBN 978-3-410-20690-3)
3. Member of the board of Deutschen Gesellschaft für das Badewesen (DGfdB)
4. Member of the technical and other committee(s) of DGfdB
5. Standardization work in Europe and Germany:

• Chairman of CEN TC 136: Sports-, playground- and leisure facilities and equipment
• Chairman of DIN TC 112: Sports-, playground- and leisure facilities and equipment
• Convenor of CEN TC 136, WG 3: “Water slides”
• Convenor of CEN TC 136, WG 8: “Swimming Pools”
• Convenor of the mirroring Committee for the above

Alfonso Ribarrocha

Alfonso Ribarrocha

CEO of SiSSWA Instituto de Certificación, SL (Valencia, Spain)

Comprehensive experience

1. Member of the Board of ASOFAP – Spanish Association of Pool Professionals
2. Member of the Organizing Committee of Salón Piscina Barcelona
3. Spanish Expert at CEN (European Standardization Committee) and CTN (Comité Español de Normalización) in the following Working Groups:

• CEN TC 136, WG 3: “Waterslides”
• CEN TC 136, WG 8: “Swimming Pools”
• TC402: “Private Pools”
• Spanish Mirroring Committee for the above

4. Member of the movement for promoting the Economy for the Common Good.

Pablo Tarazon Varea

Pablo Tarazon Varea

Head of Inspection

Comprehensive experience

1. Master as civil engineer at University of Valencia (Spain), studies at university of Mainz (Germany)
2. Trained as expert by SiSSWA